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Sunday, May 28, 2006

The first reissue: Vince Taylor

Vince Taylor and His Playboys - Brand New Cadillac/Pledging My Love
Catalogue number: Chiswick S 2
Release date: 3 Mar 1976
Personnel: Vince Taylor: Vocals
Joe Moretti: Guitar
Lou Brian: Piano
Brian Locking: Bass
Brian Bennett: Drums
First issued on Parlophone R4505. Apr 1959.


(From the liner notes on The Chiswick Story (Chiswick CDWIK2 100-1))

Trevor Churchill entered the fray about now. He had a grounding in 'real' record companies and his extensive knowledge of the music business and records was to prove invaluable. At the time he was working for Polydor Records in Germany, but it was his contacts at one of his previous employers, EMI, that led to the second Chiswick release. The intention of Chiswick Records had always been to indulge in low budget recordings and re-issues of forgotten and in-demand classics from the rock'n'roll era. 'Brand New Cadillac' by Vince Taylor (S 2) was just such a classic.
Originally issued on EMI's Parlophone label it was fetching 4 used fivers (£20) on the rare occasion that it could be found and it was a big 'hit' on the 'rockin'' club scene in London. Chiswick picked up the rights and issued it in March 1976 just as 'Jungle Rock' by Hank Mizell charted for Charley Records, a reissue company that had been going for a couple of years. The interest in rock'n'roll oldies that was generated by this assured 'Brand New Cadillac' some precious air play and a demand that was not readily satisfied out of the back of an old Peugeot. A distribution deal was struck with President Records (who also distributed the Mizell record), and Chiswick almost scored a hit with its second release.

Link: Vince Taylor


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