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Monday, May 29, 2006

Gorillas - She's My Gal

Gorillas - She's My Gal/Why Wait 'til Tomorrow
Catalogue number: Chiswick S 4
Release date: 20 July 1976
Personnel: Jesse Hector: vocals, lead guitar
Alan Butler: bass
Gary Anderson: drums
Produced by Roger Armstrong
Recorded at Olympic Studios, London
Recording date: June 1976


(From the liner-notes on The Hammersmith Gorillas - Gorilla Got Me (Chiswick CDWIKD 185))

Jesse Hector's confidence was quickly restored after he caught the attention of Ted Carroll, Dublin-born owner of the Rock On record shop in Golborne Road. Jesse had been a regular customer for a number of years, drawn in by his unlimited passion for vintage rock 'n' roll vinyl. He had befriended Ted, who was about to launch Chiswick Records as the first truly independent record label in Britain. A recording session was organised to take place in Dave RobinsonĂ­s makeshift studio, above the Hope & Anchor pub in Islington. Roger Armstrong, Ted's partner in crime at Chiswick, had volunteered as producer and a number of demos were cut, sometime in mid 1975. "Shame Shame Shame" and "Moonshine" are two killer tracks which would have made a brilliant first release but "She's My Gal," recorded later at Olympic Studios, was judged more appropriate and became the first single on Chiswick for the Gorillas, who had also decided to shorten their name in the process. Chris Townson of John's Children played drums on the session, adding a distinct British Beat feel to the overall sound, which is particularly noticeable on the wonderful "Why Wait 'Til Tomorrow," perhaps on the the greatest "unfinished" rock ballads ever recorded. Substantial press coverage followed and the band's live schedule became increasingly busy. The Gorillas had been unequivocally adopted by the punk audiences who loved their ferocious live performances at the Nashville or the Notre Dame Hall. In fact, the Gorillas seemed to act as a missing link between the more traditional, R&B orientated, so-called pub rock scene and the more violent and incisive approach the young punk bands were still trying to achieve. It was, therefore, no surprise to see the Gorillas boarding the tour bus leaving to the south of France in August 1976, along with the Damned, Eddie & The Hotrods and a few others for an appearance at the legendary Mont de Marsan Punk Festival.

(From Sniffin' Glue issue #3, Sept 1976

GORILLAS-SHE'S MY GAL(Chiswick-single).
As I said in the last issue this single is really good.It seems that they have dropped the Hammersmith from their name it doesn't change the sound though.It's a great swinging rocker with the band really moving.The B-side is a slower sixties type tune,'Why wait'til Tomorrow',which is another good tune.The Gorillas capture the feel of the sixties without being a revival band.I hear they played a great set at the French punk festival,it'd be good to see'em live in LondonI hope all you punks have got their first single,their amazing version of the Kinks''You Really Got Me'on the Penny Farthing label...they're a great band.

Recommended listening: The Hammersmith Gorillas - Gorilla Got Me (Chiswick CDWIKD 185)


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