Welcome to my on-line tribute to the London based Chiswick label. Started in 1975 and, under various guises, still going strong to this day, Chiswick put out some of my favorite records ever. Here you'll find an ever growing collection of info, record sleeves, old advertisements and whatever comes to mind. So dig in and enjoy!

Monday, May 29, 2006

The ROCK ON Commercial Pitch

(From Sniffin' Glue issue #2, August 1976)

The ROCK ON Commercial Pitch
No use telling ya 'bout the Groovies records, the Ramones records etc. etc.ya know we got them,so with the subtlety of Alan Freeman's nylons I'll just zap you with little gems like.......
The Jagged Edge- You Can't Keep A Good Man Down (£1)
On Gallant Records, these guys come on like a psyched out Standells with an Augie Meyer sound alike on Squeaky Vox, and a star maracas player who periodically wipes out the entire band with great walls of shuffling beans.Defiant vocalist refuses to miss out on his nookie just because his chick has left him in the lurch- you just can't keep a good man down.

The STACCATOS- Gypsy Girl/Girl-£1.
Two great stances in one- They got a great line in frustration these boys; on one side their Gypsy Girl with crystal ball has just phased out, backed by more Standells rhythm guitar and cymbals changing key into a "hey,hey,hey" chorus. More muted, imploring flip

Southwest F.O.B.- Smell Of incense (.75)
A real H.I.P. record this one Consciousness expanding lyrics about everpresent fullnesses and such like- Farfisa organ with choral hook- you can almost smell the joss sticks- pop psychedelia made by people who regularly score sand and incense in ounces.
-Acid Kitsch.

Shadows Of Knight- Lightbulb Blues (.75)
Flip of "oh Yeah"with Killa riff and crazed vocals from Jim Sohns.

Spades -- You're Gonna Miss Me £2. Repress
Roky pre ELEVATORS-version of their big single. Such an authentic garage sound you can smell the carbon monoxide. Minus the ELEVATORS wobbly noise trademark, but Roky's vocals are asa nasal and sensational as ever; great harmonica, almost in the right key

That's some of the 45's you can get from us most any time.There's usually lotst of one offs by garage owners with funny names. Ask to hear them. See ya.


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