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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Hip Pocket Disc series

(From the Ace Records website)

"This month we'’re pleased to announce the latest two releases in our new Hip Pocket inspired series. The Radio Stars "“Songs For Swinging Lovers"” and the classic Link Wray compilation "“Early Recordings"”.

The original Hip Pocket format ran from 1967-69 and included more than 60 titles. The records measuring just 3 7/8 inches were manufactured in either 33-1/3 or 45 rpm speeds and could be played on a standard turntable that did not auto-return the tone arm.

The format aimed at the "“music-loving young set,"” who want their music "“portable, low-priced and groovy"”, boasted a versatility ahead of it'’s time, enabling kids to carry up to 50 of the virtually indestructible, wafer thin releases at a time.

Ace'’s new CD based Hip Pocket series (measuring 4 7/8 inches) presents classic albums from the Ace vaults in replica LP packaging. These limited run replicas are selling fast so act quickly to ensure you maintain your complete set, the titles so far to gain the Hip Pocket treatment are:

Link Wray: Early Recordings CDCHM 6
Radio Stars: Songs For Swinging Lovers CDWIKM 5
The Radiators (From Space): TV Tube Heart CDWIKM 251
The Radiators: Ghostown CDWIKM 252
Count Bishops- Count Bishops CDWIKM 254
Bishops – Crosscuts CDWIKM 256

More titles will follow over the next few months. Please note these releases unfortunately still require laser pick up rather than tone arm and belt drive to perform. We're hopeful that the new format will encourage the people in hardware-land to develop a battery operated "single-play" style Hip Pocket CD player..no news as yet on this though


This is nothing new for the label of course, in 1978 Chiswick put out three 6" vinyl singles.

Bishops - I Want Candy/See That Woman
Catalogue number: NS 376 and 6 CHIS 101
I Want Candy was already pressed (also as 7" and 10" discs when Chiswick changed distribution to EMI. New catalogue numbers were needed and all copies were stickered with the CHIS 101 numbers...

Bishops - Train Train/Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White (plus excerpts from Don't Start Me Talking, I Want Candy and Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight)
Catalogue number: PROMO 4

Radio Stars - From A Rabbit/To A beast
Catalogue number: NS 36


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