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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Jeff Hill

From the liner notes of The Chiswick Story: "Jeff Hill was from Bolton and 'I Want You To Dance With Me' (Chiswick NS 16, Sept 30th 1977) was, to the best informed sources, his one and only record. Tom Petty was getting his first hits at about the same time but he never phased a guitar break like that. Not a lot is known about Jeff Hill apart from the fact that he was from Bolton."

Jeff Hill's sole Chiswick single is a great slab of punky-powerpop. Sadly, the above was about the only available info for years. That is, until the Dutch based Lowdown Kids label released the LP 'Something's Wrong With The Jeff Hill Band'.

This disc reveals not only that there was a second 45 by Hill & Co. ('Something's Wrong With My Baby' on the Balloon label, released in 1979), but also that attempts were made to do a second Chiswick 7". According to the liner notes the band recorded three songs at Pathway on November 28th 1977 (all are included), but in the end the label decided against putting out another single by the band. A shame really, because of these three songs 'Getaway' would have perfectly fitted as yet another fantastic release for Chiswick. For the band it meant losing out on a tour with Motorhead and a Granada TV appearance. The LP also features a band version of 'I Want You To Dance With Me' (the 45 was a solo effort) and on the second side a live recording of the band's farewell gig in April 1980.


Anonymous Dave Buckley said...

I was the drummer on the second single and all the other tracks on the album. I'm still in touch with the bass player Ray and we're both still involved in music. Jeff spent many years in the Houghton Weavers, but we are no longer in touch. The second single got re released a few years ago on Sing Sing Records a company based in New York.

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