Welcome to my on-line tribute to the London based Chiswick label. Started in 1975 and, under various guises, still going strong to this day, Chiswick put out some of my favorite records ever. Here you'll find an ever growing collection of info, record sleeves, old advertisements and whatever comes to mind. So dig in and enjoy!

Friday, July 28, 2006

The Thrust label

Thrust was one of the first Chiswick label off-shoots, debuting in July 1977 with Lee Kristofferson's Dinner With Drac, a cover of John Zacherle's 1958 hit. A nice enough version that, by the sound of it, was recorded on multitrack by a one-man band. The flip is the better tune here tho'. A dark, brooding instrumental with Link Wray-ish overtones. For years I figured this was the labels only release (the Dutch only Buy Chiswick Records compilation stated as much), but recent research made it clear that at least three more discs were released on the label.

Thrust discography

RUFF 1 Lee Kristofferson - Dinner With Drac/Night Of The Werewolf (7/'77)
RUFF 3 Flames - Your Love Is slipping Away/That's What You Told Me
RUFF 4 Tyke & Tine Trucker - Cuddly Bear/Narvis Reptile - Whoa! Mule Whoa! (?/'82)

Besides still comin' up blank regardin' RUFF 2, there's also the fact that the Flames disc is listed in an old Rock On mailorder catalogue as being released on yet another label off-shoot (Masquerade MASQ 2). Until I find an actual copy the above will have to do...


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