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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

E-mail from Xerxes!


I suppose strictly speaking I shouldn't be responding to you on this link as I have no information to pass on about obscure punk bands; well I probably have if I put my mind to it, but that isn't the reason I'm writing.

I could have signed up as a blogger, but to an elderly person like myself it seems too much trouble.

Anyway the reason I'm writing is to thank you for tracking down those lovely Moped pictures, especially the Camden ones (the Syd Barrett of the blank generation?) and the Hamburg ones, for seeing Fred again.

Last night I had the honour of buying Johnny a few pints, along with Slimey and Berk, and of course Brenda, and I'm happy to report he's in fine form. Obviously he lives like a king off all the royalties from his back catalogue and only does his job in the supermarket to ensure he doesn't loose the common touch.

Last night we were talking about the old days - and here is something you could do for us. We want to find the Moped fan. There was only one - he came to most of the gigs (which is a darn site more than some of the band could say) and wore a diving mask. Who was he? What was his name? Where is now? Does he still go out wearing the diving mask?

Not sure the best way of advertising this plea, I'll leave that to you, but the top prize is a winner. A night out in the Dog & Bull in Croydon buying all existing members of the band beer (and one cider, and a dry martini with ice) all night. What a prize - I hope we don't get too many pretenders.

happy to discuss

best wishes

John " Xerxes" Skinner

OK, all you sherlocks out there, the search is on! Any information that might lead to the man in the diving mask can be send here...


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