Welcome to my on-line tribute to the London based Chiswick label. Started in 1975 and, under various guises, still going strong to this day, Chiswick put out some of my favorite records ever. Here you'll find an ever growing collection of info, record sleeves, old advertisements and whatever comes to mind. So dig in and enjoy!

Monday, August 07, 2006


It might be stating the obvious, but just in case: I have absolutely no time for Skrewdriver's, or better make that singer Ian Stuart's, post Chiswick "career". Nor do I want to go into any details of that on this here blog. But if you really wanna read the entire sad saga, I suggest picking up Cranked Up Really High the excellent book by Stewart Home.
That said, I really dig the band's thug-punk style recordings for the label. I'll post something on their recorded output someday soon, but in the meantime, check this very informative interview with original member Phil Walmsley. Not only for the Skrewdriver historical facts, but it also gives some insight into the way Chiswick worked as a label.


Anonymous bink said...

hebben ian en de boys eigenlijk wel eens in nederland gespeeld, zo in rond 77? enig idee?

Wednesday, October 18, 2006 11:18:00 PM


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