Welcome to my on-line tribute to the London based Chiswick label. Started in 1975 and, under various guises, still going strong to this day, Chiswick put out some of my favorite records ever. Here you'll find an ever growing collection of info, record sleeves, old advertisements and whatever comes to mind. So dig in and enjoy!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

JOHNNY MOPED - The Bootleg Tapes Vol I & II - OUT NOW

"Hi Tomcats! Yes, this 26 track CD and limited edition DOUBLE vinyl album contains all the stuff from the original Johnny Moped Bootleg cassette which they used to sell at gigs in ‘76 & ‘77 and some of the tracks from the bootleg freebie 7” which originally came with their debut album on Chiswick.

It features their earliest recordings from 1974 recorded in various bedrooms right through to 1977 studio out-takes and live stuff.

It's a beautiful thing and it's on CD and two different coloured sets of vinyl, so pick your favorite right now on the SHOP or better still, go to your local record emporium if you have one.


More MOPED releases coming soon hopefully...


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