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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Radio Stars update (New live CD!)

The one-off reunion will take place at the Blow Up Metro Club in London on March 1st in London, coinciding with the release of an archive live recording from the late 70s. Odd, really, that these two events should coincide. Normally, following the traditional Jet-style co-ordination that has often dominated these kind of events in the Mammalian Past, they would be separated by many months, and then all information would in any case be unavailable or unreadable. And often both at the same time, as well as simultaneously. Line-up will be Martin Gordon, Andy Ellison and Ian Macleod, Heroic drummer Steve Budney makes his second appearance of the evening.

Various e-items referring to the impending reunion have appeared on chat boards, including a thread on Mojo from someone claims to be owed a pint of beer by Andy Ellison. Clearly some scores remain unsettled.

In 2007, Ace Records re-released the two Radio Stars albums on CD in a 'hip-pocket' edition, for those who recall the days when they had hips. Songs For Swinging Lovers and The Holiday Album apparently demonstrate the 'melodic genius that has always been songwriter Martin Gordon's calling card', and there is now no reason not to possess them. And there's always the compendium Somewhere There's a Place For Us which adds a couple of unreleased tunes to the best of both previous releases. And now Something for the Weekend joins the canon.


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